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TAFFIN 320 - the system combined fungicide for protection of summer and winter grain grains of cultures against diseases of leaves and an ear.

  • Expanded preventive and bystry medical action against a wide range of diseases.
  • Extension of vegetation and increase in productivity for the account:
    • increases in efficiency of use of water and improvement of photoassimilation;
    • optimization of nitric exchange;
    • oppressions of formation of ethylene.
  • Excellent photostability.
  • Long period of protection.


Characteristic of medicine:

  • Active ingredients: Azoksistrobin, 200 g/l + Tsiprokonazol, 120 g/l;
  • DV chemical group: Strobilurina + Triazoles;
  • Preparative form: SC (suspension concentrate);
  • Tare unit: 10 l.


Action range:

  • Azoksistrobin breaks breath of cages of mushrooms, blocking transfer of electrons to mitochondrions, and controls causative agents of diseases of four various classes. Also azoksistrobin optimizes and improves the level of digestion of nitrogen a plant that gives further the chance to improve productivity and quality indicators of grain.
  • Tsiprokonazol stops synthesis of an ergosterol which provides integrity of a cell membrane.


Culture Norm, l/hectare Action range
Wheat winter and summer 0,4-0,7 Septorioz, mealy dew, brown sheet rust, ear fusariosis; septorioz ear; alternarioz
Barley winter and summer Mealy dew; mesh, dark-brown, striped, bordered spottiness; septorioz; dwarfish rust; fuzariozny spottiness of leaves


Features of application:

  • Processing to carry out to the vegetation period, preventively or at emergence of the first symptoms of a disease.
  • Possibility of application in the integrated systems of protection of cultures;
  • When processing to avoid demolition on culture;
  • Application in the form of water solution;
  • Volume of working solution: 200-400 l/hectare;
  • Working solution has to be used within 24 hours after preparation;
  • Possibility of application with use of any equipment for land spraying;
  • Optimum time for carrying out spraying - from 6 to 9 o'clock in the morning or from 7 to 9 o'clock in the evening in windless dry weather at a temperature no more than 25 °C.


Compatibility. Let's combine with the majority of the pesticides applied on grain crops in the same terms. But in each separate case it is necessary to check components for compatibility.

Recommendations. At the medicine choice Taffin pay special attention to responses, get acquainted with its dosage, methods of application, action range width. At the favorable price fungicide for protection of grain grains of cultures Taffin can be bought here.

Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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