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  • Herbicide Galley Super, century of river.

Herbicide Galley Super, century of river.

Herbicide Galley Super, century of river.
  • Herbicide Galley Super, century of river.
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Country of manufacture:Switzerland

Herbicide Galley Super, century of river.

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Active ingredient: 267 g/l klopiralid + 80 g/l to piklor of +17 g/l aminopiralid Chemical class: pyridincarboxyl acids triazolpyrimidines danger Class: 3 (1 class on firmness in the soil) the Preparative form: WS (water solution) Period of storage: 2 years

Klopiralid and to piklor are a synthetic form of natural vegetable hormones. They replace natural hormones of a plant, blocking their functions. Glut synthetic hormones leads to violation of growth processes and death of plants. Both a land part, and root system of weeds, including kidneys of vegetative renewal and root offsprings of sow-thistles is destroyed. Aminopiralid replaces growth hormones therefore at sensitive species of plants cell fission process is broken. Active ingredient reaches the most distant parts of root system of a weed plant, thereby guaranteeing reliable control of long-term weeds with deep root system (for example, a sow-thistle yellow).

Three-component selective poslevskhodovy herbicide for control of two-submultiple weeds in colza crops

Send weeds to a long voyage!

  • Thanks to availability of three system active ingredients controls wider range of weed vegetation
  • Unique efficiency against a lady's bedstraw of its development, tenacious at any stage, and also species of a camomile, a grechishka vyyunkovy, types of a bodyak and a sow-thistle and other hardly uneradicable weeds
  • Due to bystry penetration into all parts of a weed plant destroys root system of sow-thistles
  • Possibility of control of weeds as during the autumn, and spring period

GALLEY SUPER 364, BP — herbicide for control of some one-year and long-term two-submultiple weeds, including hardly uneradicable: lady's bedstraw tenacious, bodyaka field, camomile (types), sow-thistle, etc.

The GALLEY SUPER 364, BP is high-selective herbicide, differs in the wide range of possible terms of application, since a phase of 3 real leaves of culture before emergence of flower buds. The maximum effect is reached when processing one-year weeds in a phase of 2-6 leaves, and long-term korneotpryskovy weeds — in a socket phase. Herbicide effectively controls a lady's bedstraw tenacious — one of the most problem weeds in colza crops. With a height of weed up to 8 cm its maximum suppression is provided.


Danger class

3 (1 class on firmness in the soil)

Class of danger to bees


Exit terms

  • for the mechanized works — 1 day

Restrictions on application

  • Use of medicine in a sanitary zone of fishery reservoirs is forbidden.
  • Use of medicine in LPH is forbidden!
  • Use of medicine is forbidden by an aviation method!

Other restrictions

Medicine is almost not toxic for bees. It is allowed for land application. Practically it is not toxic for mammals, birds, earthworms and soil microorganisms. It is not toxic for fishes and water fleas, but is slightly toxic for seaweed.

Country of manufacture:Switzerland
Information is up-to-date: 06.02.2018

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