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GRANTOKS - herbicide against one-year and long-term two-submultiple weeds on crops grain, grains, a sorghum, flax, potatoes, peas and other cultures.

  • It is applied on many crops;
  • Destroys weeds on haymakings and pastures;
  • Has an excellent ratio of the price and efficiency;
  • Does not influence a crop rotation;
  • Quickly decays in soil and it is dissolved in water, has no adverse effect on the following grain crops;
  • It is effective against a horsetail field.


Characteristic of medicine:

  • Active ingredients: MTsPA in the form of salts of dimethylamine of sodium, potassium, 500 g/l;
  • DV chemical group: Derivatives of aryloxyalkanecarbonic acids;
  • Preparative form: SC (soluble concentrate);
  • Packing: Plastic canister 10l.


Action mechanism: Medicine is absorbed by leaves of the majority of two-submultiple weeds, carried by all parts of a plant, breaking their development that leads to death.


Action range:

  • One-year and long-term two-submultiple weeds;
  • Sensitive weeds: Bindweed field, thistle field, cornflower blue, galinsoga melkotsvetkovy, mustard field, bird vetch, dope ordinary, buttercup creeping, orach sprawling, mar white, euphorbia garden, sow-thistle yellow (field), nightshade black, shepherd's bag, chistets usual, plantain big, radish wild, yarutka field, rank tuberous, ambrosia polynnolistny, horsetail field, etc.


Culture Norm, l/hectare Way and time of processing
Wheat summer and winter, barley, oats, rye 1,0-1,5 From a kushcheniye phase to an exit in a culture tube
Millet 0,7-1,7 From a kushcheniye phase to an exit in a culture tube
Sorghum 0,7-1,7 In a phase of 3-6 leaves of culture
Peas 0,5 In a phase of 3-6 leaves of culture
Len-dolgunets 0,7-1,2 In the phase "fir-trees", with a height of culture of 3-10 cm
Potatoes 0,9-1,7 Spraying of the soil before emergence of shoots of culture
Rice 1,5-2,0 In a phase of a full kushcheniye
Clover creeping and field 0,8-1,4 In a year of crops, after emergence of the first trigeminal leaf (processings need to be finished a month before the end of vegetation)
Clover field (testicles) 0,8-1,4 In a year of harvesting of seeds within 2–3 weeks from the beginning of growth to embryonic laying of inflorescences of a clover (the cattle is allowed to use hay on a forage not earlier than in 45 days after processing)
Clover field under cover of barley 0,8-1,4 At emergence of 1-2 trigeminal leaves of a clover (a barley kushcheniye phase)
Herd grass meadow 1,1-2,3 In a culture kushcheniye phase
Kostrets is bezosty, a foxtail meadow 1,1-2,3 In a year of seeding of culture, from a phase of 1-2 leaves to an exit in a culture tube
Ryegrass high, fescue meadow 2,3-2,8
Haying grounds and pastures 1,4-4,0 Spraying of vegetiruyushchy plants, pasture of the cattle and bevelling of herbs is allowed not earlier than in 40 days after processing
Lucerne 0,5-0,75 In a phase 1-2 of a trigeminal leaf of culture


Features of application:

  • In case of the raised contamination and active vegetation of weeds to use most recommended norm;
  • Use of medicine is optimum at an average daily temperature from +12 °C to +22 °C;
  • It is not recommended to use medicine in crops of the cultural plants which are in a stressful state (cold, a drought and other negative factors);
  • The consumption rate of working liquid when carrying out land spraying makes 200–300 l/hectare;
  • The obligatory requirement at introduction of medicine is providing a continuous covering of the area and plentiful wetting of plants.


Compatibility. Medicine is compatible to the majority of pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However in each separate case it is necessary to carry out preliminary estimate of compatibility of components of tank mix and to consider phases of development of cultural plants.

Recommendations. At the choice of medicine of Grantoks pay special attention to responses, get acquainted with its dosage, methods of application, action range width. At the favorable price poslevskhodovy herbicide for protection grain, grains, a sorghum, flax, potatoes, peas and other cultures of Grantoks it is possible to buy here.

Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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