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  • Fungicide Ventop 350 SC, k.s.

Fungicide Ventop 350 SC, k.s.

Fungicide Ventop 350 SC, k.s.
  • Fungicide Ventop 350 SC, k.s.
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Fungicide Ventop 350 SC, k.s.

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New standard for protection against a scab, reliable component for tank mixes

Producer: Sumi Agro Active ingredient: ditianon, 350 g/l medicine Form: suspension concentrate


VENTOP of 350 SC, KS - contact fungicide of protective action which influences enzymes with tiolovy group, the mushrooms participating in cellular respiration. The mechanism of fungicide action consists in development suppression a dispute of causative agents of diseases on a surface of leaves and fruits. Medicine suppresses development of peronosporovy mushrooms from an oomitseta class which cause diseases of fruit crops and vineyards.


The medicine Ventop® is one of the best fungicides in fight as with primary infection of a scab (infection with askospor during the spring period), and with secondary infection that occurs during the summer period (konidialny a sporonosheniye). The best time in fight against primary infection of a scab is the period between phases of development of an apple-tree: "a mouse ear" - "hazelnut" and especially at low temperatures and in the period of frequent rainfall when other medicines badly work owing to washing off with a rain.

Ventop® fungicide can be used as separately, and in mixes with insecticides and fungicides. Mixes with other fungicides use for expansion of a range of action against diseases, including against mealy dew and fruit gnily, and for strengthening medical and eradicating effect against a scab when cultivation is carried out with delay and the infection already got into a leaf.

Use of fungicide Ventop 350 SC, KS in tank mixes:

Ventop (1,0 l/hectare) + honey Extra 350 SC, KS (1,5 l/hectare)

Ventop (1,0 l/hectare) + Ikarus 250, EV (0,5-0,6 l/hectare)

Ventop (1,0 l/hectare) + Топсин®-М 500, KS (1,4 l/hectare)

Ventop (1,0 l/hectare) + krezoksim-marked, 500 g/kg (0,2 kg/hectare)

Regulations of application:

Culture wrecker Norm of introduction, l/hectare Way and time of processing Frequency rate of processing The term of the last processing (days before harvesting)
apple-tree scab 1,0-2,0 spraying during vegetation 3 30


  • controls a complex of diseases of an apple-tree (a scab, fruit decayed, spottiness of leaves)
  • highly effective against types of a scab of leaves and fruits even at high extent of development of a disease;
  • there is no risk of emergence of resistance;
  • thanks to a special formulyation, containing powerful prilipatel, well and evenly covers the trimmed surfaces of leaves and young fruits;
  • has the extended period of protective action - for 2-4 days in comparison with other contact fungicides;
  • it is steady against washing off by a rain;
  • high fungicide action on the lowered temperatures (+ 5... + 70C)
  • safe to bees and a useful entomofauna - it can be applied during blossoming.


Ventop® fungicide can be applied in mix and with other pesticides, however medicines before application need to be checked for compatibility.

The recommended norm of working solution: 250-300

Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2018

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