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  • Fungicide Vareon 520, k.a.

Fungicide Vareon 520, k.a.

Fungicide Vareon 520, k.a.
  • Fungicide Vareon 520, k.a.
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Fungicide Vareon 520, k.a.

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Three-component fungicide with effect immunomodulatory actions for professional protection programs of grain crops from the stalk basis to an ear.
The effective and complex decision against a wide range of diseases of grain grains of cultures: mealy dew, to a tserkosporelyoz of types of pyatnistost of types of a rust, fusariosis and others.

The combination of three operating rechoviya provides preventive, medical, and eradicating actions.

Stimulates resistance of culture to diseases, promotes increase in productivity due to immunomodulatory action.

Active ingredient: prokhloraz 320 g/l + tebukonazol 160 g/l + prokvinazid 40 g/l
Class: imidazoles + triazole + kvinazolina
Packing: 5 l (4х5 l)
Preparative form: emulsion concentrate

Vareon ® 520 k.e. - Synergysm of three active ingredients

Thanks to optimum concentration of unique active ingredients Vareon ® provides reliable and long control of the most harmful diseases of wheat and barley.

Possesses preventive, eradicating and I antisporulyatsiynoit actions;

Stimulates protective properties of culture (immunomodulatory action);

Provides long term protective and residual action against mealy dew, due to germination oppression a dispute and to formation apresoriiv the activator;

Thanks to a steam phase, forms a uniform zone of protection around the processed plants, including protects the raw parts;

Better anti-resistant and partner decision.

Universal, highly effective and selective active ingredient;

Possesses preventive, medical and eradicating action against a wide range of pathogens;

Visokosistemna active ingredient - is quickly absorbed by plants and moves akropetalno;

Thanks to specific actions are inhibited by development of a wide range of pathogens, especially causative agents of fusariosis (Fusarium spp.).

Which active ingredient long-term preventive action against a wide range of causative agents of diseases;

Possesses contact and partially system action, works in cool conditions;

Prokhloraz gets into leaves / stalks and there contains, respectively there is no redistribution and reduction of concentration;

Control of race of the activator of fragility of stalks show resistance to benzimidazole (karbendazy, benomit, the thiofan methyl).

Effect of immunomodulatory action
Vareon ® 520 k.e. contains prokvinazid, having ability to activate a considerable part of genes of a cultural plant, responsible for a natural zakhisnureaktion on influence of pathogens. Stimulation of genes initiates protective reactions of culture that is provided by resistance of plants to causative agents of diseases and protection of a new gain.

Synergysm of three active ingredients provides effective control of a complex of diseases of grain grains

Amount of packaging: 5 L
Packaging: Plastic jerry can
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2018

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