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  • Fungicide Switch 62,5 WG

Fungicide Switch 62,5 WG

Fungicide Switch 62,5 WG
  • Fungicide Switch 62,5 WG
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Country of manufacture:Switzerland

Fungicide Switch 62,5 WG

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Active ingredient: 250 g/l fludioksonit 375 g/kg tsiprodinit the Chemical class: fenilpirrola anilinopyrimidines the Class opasnosti:3 (1 class on firmness in the soil) Preparative forma:vdg (the water dispersed granules) Term hraneniya:3 years

Fungicide is developed especially for protection against gray decay, suppresses activators secondary gnily (Penicillium, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Cladosporium, Alternaria, Trichothecium). Operates on four stages of development of a pathogen, providing protection against its penetration. A part of medicine remains in a kutikulyarny layer of berry, protecting from introduction a dispute in its fabric, other part quickly gets into fabrics of a plant and is redistributed akropetalno and translaminarno. Effect of medicine begins to be shown in 2-3 hours after application.

The highly effective fungicide suppressing gray decay and a wide range secondary gnily

The recognized standard in control of gray decay

  • Suppresses a wide range of activators of gnily and controls Botrytis populations, resistant to dikarboksimida, a dietofenkarb and benzimidazoles
  • Protects grapes and a tomato up to 20 days
  • Provides a high dozhdeustoychivost
  • Provides high efficiency in the wide range of temperatures
  • Provides an excellent lezhkost and transportability of fruits and berries, and also improves quality of wine
Brand: Syngenta
Country of manufacture: Switzerland
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2018

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