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  • Fungicide Signum, century of.

Fungicide Signum, century of.

Fungicide Signum, century of.
  • Fungicide Signum, century of.
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Fungicide Signum, century of.

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  • Innovative two-component fungicide with pronounced AgCelence-effect for protection of vegetable cultures against a complex of diseases and potatoes against an alternarioz
  • active ingredients from various chemical groups and the built-in management of resistance
  • new level of control of all types of an alternarioz of potatoes
  • high profitability of production
  • AgCelence-effect:

- increase in productivity and quality -
increase in an exit of products
- improvement of a lezhkost of vegetables at storage

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: boskalid (267 g/kg) + piraklostrobin (67 g/kg)
PREPARATIVE FORM: water dispersed granules (WDG)
PACKING: plastic bottles of 10х1 kg
PERIOD of PROTECTIVE ACTION: 10-14 days, depending on weather conditions and intensity of development of a disease
SIGNUM contains two active ingredients — boskalid and piraklostrobin. Piraklostrobin treats a new p to a koleniye of active ingredients from group of strobilurin. Piraklostrobin interacts with a surface of plants, being absorbed by a wax layer of leaves and fruits, at the same time on a surface of a plant strongly connected reserves of active ingredient are formed thanks to what high resistance of medicine to action of an atmospheric precipitation is provided. Besides, piraklostrobin gets into fabrics of a plant also has translaminar activity that also increases its efficiency. The mechanism of action of a piraklostrobin is based on inhibition of a mitochondrial cycle of breath in a respiratory complex III. Piraklostrobin blocks energosnabzhe-ny cages of a mushroom and, at the same time, the vital processes connected with this Fung Ktsiyey. There is a germination inhibition a dispute, growth of rostkovy tubes, education appressoriyev is blocked.
Boskalid treats chemical group of karboksamid and possesses the new, unique mechanism of action on the whole range of activators. When processing a part of active ingredient remains on a plant surface, another gets inside, extends translaminarno and according to the vascular SI - a leaf stema akropetalno. The mechanism of action of a boskalid — suktsinatdegidrogenaza inhibition in a mitochondrial chain of transport of electrons. Boskalid blocks a key stage of breath of cages in a complex II therefore power supply of pathogens is broken. Boskalid inhibits germination a dispute, growth of rostkovy tubes, blocks education appressoriyev. At some mushrooms influences also development of a mycelium and a dispute.
Potatoes First processing: 6-8 weeks after culture shoots the Second processing: in 10-21 days after the first · The partner for tank mix — prepa-rat for protection against a fitoftoroz (on - an example, ORVEGO) · Preventive application · No more than 2 processings during the season · Vegetable cultures fungi-tsid show the Greatest efficiency at preventive application. Therefore for optimal-ache protection SIGNUM even before emergence of primary symptoms of an infection in nai-is recommended ispol-to zovat more probable for rasprostrane-a disease niya the period

Brand: БАСФ
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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