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  • Fungicide Ridomil Gold MTs 68 WG

Fungicide Ridomil Gold MTs 68 WG

Fungicide Ridomil Gold MTs 68 WG
  • Fungicide Ridomil Gold MTs 68 WG
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Country of manufacture:Switzerland

Fungicide Ridomil Gold MTs 68 WG

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Active ingredient: 640 g/l mankotseb 40 g/kg to mefenoksa Chemical class: fenilamida dithiocarbamates the Class opasnosti:2 Preparative forma:vdg (the water dispersed granules) Term hraneniya:3 years

The combined fungicide for protection of potatoes, vegetable cultures and grapes against a complex of diseases

The double reliability checked by time!

  • Healthy plants even in the conditions of high risk of development of a disease
  • The maximum control of an infection during active growth and cultural development
  • Long protection completely all plant, including the raw parts — a new gain of a leaf, growth point, a stalk, potatoes tubers, tomato fruits
  • Healthy, not damaged fitoftorozy and peronosporozy a harvest of potatoes and vegetable cultures

Always carry out preventive processings by fungicide, that is to emergence of symptoms of a disease!

  • Do not use medicine for the medical and eradicating sprayings
  • Upon transition to processing by contact or translaminar fungicide use the interval between processings recommended for this contact or translaminar fungicide
  • RIDOMIL GOLD MTS effectively suppresses pathogens from Oomitseta's class (activators of a fitoftoroz, false mealy dews) and has additional effect against mushrooms of the sorts Alternaria, Gloeosporium, Cladosporium, etc.
Brand: Syngenta
Country of manufacture: Switzerland
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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