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Fungicide Rex Duo, k.s.

Fungicide Rex Duo, k.s.
  • Fungicide Rex Duo, k.s.
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Fungicide Rex Duo, k.s.

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Two-component fungicide for control of the major diseases of grain crops and sugar beet

  • reliable control of all main diseases on grain to a cult - ra and sugar beet thanks to a broad spectrum of activity
  • "Stop effect": bystry penetration and bystry initial action on a pathogen
  • long protection of culture — more than 30 days
  • powerful preventive and medical action

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: epoksikonazol (187 g/l) + thiofan methyl (310 g/l)
PREPARATIVE FORM: suspension concentrate (SC)
PACKING: plastic canisters of 2х10 l
PERIOD of PROTECTIVE ACTION: up to 5-6 weeks
Mealy dew (Blumeria spp.) Brown rust (Puccinia recondita) of Karlikov rust (P. hordei) Stem (linear) rust (P. graminis) Septorioz of leaves (Septoria tritici) Septorioz of an ear (S. nodorum) Pirenoforoz (yellow spottiness) (Drechslera tritici-repentis) Mesh spottiness (D. teres) Dark-brown spottiness (D. sorokiniana) Rhynchosporium secalis
Epoksikonazol blocks growth of a mycelium, interferes with its development in a plant (the expressed medical action).
The thiofan methyl blocks processes of cell fission of a mushroom, preventing development of konidiya, formation of a rostkovy tube and penetration into plant fabrics, and also blocks development of a mycelium of a pathogen (preventive and medical action).
ON GRAIN CROPS: For providing effective kontro-la of diseases of a flaglist recommends - sya application REX DUO is normal of an expense of 0,5 l/hectare.

Brand: БАСФ
Amount of packaging: 10 L
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2018

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