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  • Fungicide Revus Top 500 EU

Fungicide Revus Top 500 EU

Fungicide Revus Top 500 EU
  • Fungicide Revus Top 500 EU
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Country of manufacture:Switzerland

Fungicide Revus Top 500 EU

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Active ingredient: 250 g/l mandipropamid 250 g/l difenokonazol Chemical class: mandelamida triazoles the Class opasnosti:3 (the 2nd class on firmness in the soil) Preparative forma:ks (a suspension concentrate) Term hraneniya:3 years

Systemically - translaminar fungicide for protection of potatoes and a tomato against a fitoftoroz and an alternarioz

And one in the field soldier!

  • Reliable control of a fitoftoroz, peronosporoz and alternarioz
  • Combination of two most effective in the classes of active ingredients
    • Mandipropamid
      • Has preventive and medical effect in fight with fitoftorozy thanks to translaminar activity
      • Is fixed in a wax raid of a leaf, providing the maximum protection against infection fitoftorozy
    • Difenokonazol
      • Quickly extends on all plant and destroys the activator of an alternarioz thanks to the systemacity
      • High resistance to washing off (in 1 hour after drawing)
      • Protects a harvest even in the conditions of favorable for spread of a disease

REVUS TOP possesses preventive action therefore medicine is recommended to be applied before infection to avoid spread of a disease.

Brand: Syngenta
Country of manufacture: Switzerland
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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