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  • Fungicide Dithane of M-45

Fungicide Dithane of M-45

Fungicide Dithane of M-45
  • Fungicide Dithane of M-45
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ungitsid Dithane of M-45

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Active ingredient: 800 g/kg mankotseb the Chemical Class of a klass:ditiokarbamata opasnosti:2 Preparative forma:sp (the moistened powder) Term hraneniya:3 years

Contact fungicide for protection of potatoes and tomatoes against a fitoftoroz and an alternarioz

Protection against diseases and not only

  • Has high and stable efficiency
  • The ideal partner for tank mixes with system fungicides
  • Accelerates growth of culture thanks to existence in structure of minerals
  • Effectively protects cultures, first of all from the most harmful fitoftorovy and peronosporovy mushrooms, and also from many dangerous species of imperfect mushrooms
  • Thanks to not specificity of action on mushroom cages perfectly controls cases of emergence of resistance in populations of phytopathogens that is an important factor of its use in anti-resistant programs
  • Protective effect of medicine in field conditions remains 7-10 days in case of an epiphytoty of diseases and 10-14 days — at their depressive development
  • Cooperative effects: at the expense of minerals (manganese, zinc) which are a part of a mankotseb (of century) stimulates activity of photosynthesis that accelerates growth processes and increases the resilience of plants to pathogens

The maximum effect is reached if:

  • the first spraying is carried out to infection of plants;
  • intervals (7-10 days) between the next processings are accurately observed to exclude infection of a new gain;
  • the dews which dried later or a rain of a plant are processed;
  • rainfall was absent within 4-5 hours after processing.
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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