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Fungicide Benelus OVERDUE

Fungicide Benelus OVERDUE
  • Fungicide Benelus OVERDUE
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Expiration date to March, 2017

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Highly effective system fungicide for protection of an apple-tree and vineyards against a wide range of harmful causative agents of diseases.

  • The successful combination of two active ingredients provides the maximum control of diseases;
  • Quickly gets into fabrics of plants and moves akropetalno and partially translaminarno;
  • Effective at low temperatures;
  • Has the protective and eradicating action;
  • Provides improvement of quality of fruits and increase in storage.


  • Active ingredient and concentration: TEBUKLNAZOL, 125 G/l. + TsIPRODINIL;
  • Preparative form: CWIE (The CONCENTRATE which is EMULSIFIED);
  • Distribution in a plant: SYSTEM;
  • Consumption rate of working solution: 500 - 1000 L/HECTARE;
  • Packing: PLASTIC BOTTLE of 1 L.

Regulations of application

Culture Consumption rate of medicine, l/hectare Harmful object Way and time of processing Maximum number of processings Expectation terms before harvesting Expectation terms before an exit in the field (mechanized / manual)
Vineyards 0,8-1,6 Mildyyu, to an oidium, gray decay Spraying during vegetation of culture 1 30 3/7 days
Apple-tree 1,0-1,2 Scab, mealy dew, brown spottiness (filostikoz), fruit decay Spraying during vegetation of culture 2 30 3/7 days

Compatibility with other medicines:

Use of Benelus™ fungicide in tank mixes with other fungicides and insecticides is possible. It is surely recommended to carry out the preliminary test for physical and chemical compatibility of medicines, mix. It is not combined with medicines which have strong alkaline or strong sour reaction.

Recommendations about application:

The first processing by medicine is carried out at early stages of infection, by the following sprayings - with an interval of 7-10 days, considering weather conditions and risk of defeat of culture this or that disease. For achievement of maximum efficiency it is necessary to provide a uniform and sufficient covering of the processed plants with working solution of medicine.

Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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