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Bontim's fungicide 250

Bontim's fungicide 250
  • Bontim's fungicide 250
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Bontim's fungicide 250

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Active ingredient: 62,5 g/l of an izopirazam of 187,5 g/l tsiprodinit the Chemical class of a pirazolkarboksamida anilinopyrimidines the Class opasnosti:3 (substances moderately dangerous) Preparative forma:ke (an emulsion concentrate) Term hraneniya:3 years from the date of production in not opened original packing

The innovative complex local and system fungicide of new generation providing the longest protection of barley against diseases thanks to technology of "double binding". BONTIMA quickly is fixed in a wax layer of a plant, providing strong protective "barrier" from activators and instantly contacts a mushroom pathogen, causing his death. It is not washed away by rainfall, super-dozhdeustoychiv!

XXI centuries technologies IN OPERATION


  • It is strong and irreversible contacts a wax layer of a plant, it is not washed away by rainfall and does not decay under the influence of ultraviolet rays.
  • Forms the powerful protective barrier interfering invasion of pathogens in fabrics within 4-6 weeks on a culture surface.
  • The technology of "double binding" of fungicide, first, with a wax layer of a plant, secondly, with a mitochondrion of a pathogen provides more effective and long control of diseases, excludes risk of emergence of resistance.
  • Makes the stimulating physiological impact and increases photosynthetic activity of a plant, "effect of gardening", increases a harvest and quality of grain.
  • Unsurpassed dozhdeustoychivost - rainfall which dropped out in 1 hour does not reduce efficiency of medicine.
  • High efficiency in a drought.
Amount of packaging: 5 L
Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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