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Basis 75, century of. Overdue

Basis 75, century of. Overdue
  • Basis 75, century of. Overdue
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Herbicide Basis 75, century of.

Expiration date till March, 2008

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Basis 75 — herbicide from the company Dupont for fight against broad-leaved and cereal weeds in crops of corn.

Herbicide Basis destroys a wide range of weeds (both one - and long-term cereals, broad-leaved). Enough processing will be it, additional use of other herbicides will not be required.

The basis of 75 century of is applied at a stage from 2 to 6 leaves of corn therefore for processing it is possible to pick up the most suitable day. - tifensulfuronmetit active ingredients of medicine (250 g/kg) and rimsulfuron (500 g/kg).

Like other sulfonilmochevina, the basis influences such enzyme as an atsetolaktatsintaza thanks to what growth quickly stops, and then sensitive plants perish. Medicine nizkotoksichen.

At the most sensitive species of plants it is possible to notice manifestation of the first symptoms of effect of this herbicide in meristem fabrics. Growth of weeds stops already in a couple of hours after entering of medicine into the soil. Other symptoms, including a necrosis, hloroz and deformation of leaves, it is possible to observe, after several days. In 10 — 25 days weeds completely perish. Survival of srednechuvstvitelny weeds is possible, they will remain green, but will be in depression and will not compete to culture.

This herbicide with high efficiency and a low form of an expense. For destruction of annual cereals and a wide range of two-submultiple weeds there is enough dosage of 20 g/hectare and to cope with long-term cereal weeds, it is better to use a dosage of 25 g/hectare. It is necessary to carry out processing when gumay and a wheat grass reach height of 10 — 20 cm.

Basis 75 recommend to apply with a prilipatel the Trend 90 (of 200 — 300 ml/hectare). It will increase efficiency and absorption of herbicide leaves, especially, when hot.

Effect of medicine is not influenced by contents in the soil of moisture. Herbicide, is generally absorbed through leaves thanks to what efficiency of medicine in dry weather is provided.

In the soil medicine decays quickly therefore restrictions on the subsequent cultures at observance of normal rotation in a crop rotation, no.

Information is up-to-date: 17.01.2018

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